14 Steps to Living Your Dream Life

Even If You Were Born A Refugee.

Laura Robertson, started from humbling beginnings as a lost broken refugee born into extreme poverty. Growing up as a Refugee, Laura encountered racism and struggled with the cultural differences that led her to becoming a destructive teenager.

In her Ebook, 14 Steps to Living Your Dream Life: Even If You Were Born A Refugee, Laura shares the success skills that will help you live to your full potential. Learn about her father's escape story from the hands of the communist rule in Laos that led the family to making a life in the outskirts of Chicago. 

Laura will take you on her journey as she struggles to confront her painful past. Grow with her, love with her, but above all, learn to seek hope and love in your own life.  In the 14 steps, Laura will give you the success tools that you can use to live out your dream life, even if you were born a refugee! 

She is on a mission to inspire women through her stories that led her to the phenomenal woman she is today!

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