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Hello, I am Laura Robertson


I help ambitious women build more confidence and develop the business skills to reach their BeautiFULL POTENTIAL

As a result of working with me, clients gain confidence and business skills, to grow personally and professionally.

  • Have a business idea but stuck in a rut 

  • Want to grow your business, but drowning in self-doubt

  • Don't know how to get inspire and motivated

  • Need help setting goals or tracking your progress 

  • Not clear on what to improve to make more money

  • Don't know how to get clarity or need a new direction

  • Lack confidence on the business side & online marketing

  • No Idea how to market your product

  • Paying too much on marketing & want to do it yourself

  • Lack clarity on how to increase your audience online

  • Lack confidence on your communication skills

  • Need to increase sales and conversion confidence 

  • Need a boost in customer engagement

  • Have a story or product to sell, but don't know how 

  • Get unstuck from limiting beliefs! 

  • Get focused, intentional & motivated running your business! 

  • Learn how to lead and influence your teams to drive results!  

  • Drastically increase sales performance and momentum! 

  • Get unshakeable confidence and get results you have been searching for! 

  • Grow your online brand presence!

  • Create your own branded, customized designs!

  • Increase your confidence presenting!  

  • Create your own videos for your product or services! 

  • Save thousands of dollars on marketing services with DIY techniques! 

  • Think outside the box, make more money while servicing the needs of your clients/customers! 


I have Known Mrs Laura for over 10 years. She was the director of my beauty school. I have been beyond blessed that she is still a part of my life! She has been my life coach, and mentor since! She has most of all taught me confidence and to not give up! But also to believe in myself and not be afraid to step out of my comfort zone...

- Michelle Sutton Cummings

Laura is an amazing coach, mentor and friend! I am a complete newbie, starting my first online business. I took her online course to create a logo, build a website and launch my business. She supported and encouraged me every step of the way. Could not have done it without her!

- Danielle Brown

I worked with Laura in the same company and she is an amazing coach, she helped our team achieve all of our goals. She is very knowledgeable and has a lot of strategies to support a business and grow it, she takes the right approach with a lot of energy and positivity. I would encourage people to visit her website and see all the great business ideas she has to offer.

- Ana Gomez

Laura, I wanted to say thank you for everything you contributed to the team this year and during our partnership prior. We couldn't have done it without you....I appreciate you. You were the best advocate for your patients that I have ever met!

- Dr. Pallotto

I can help you get results and turn your vision into a reality!

Mindset, Marketing & Money! 

75 Market Street, Suite 21, Elgin, Illinois 60123 I United States I Contact: 1 (312) 779-6707 I Email: